Photography by Heart and Sparrow PIN

Photography by Heart and Sparrow

Hello there! You might be wondering who I am. Well, let me introduce myself.

I’m Ana, a quirky, vivacious, creativity junkie. I love exploring new places, be it an unfamiliar street in a familiar city, or a new country altogether. My eyes cannot absorb enough of the beauty that is all around us. I am inspired by nature, art, fashion, imagination.

Interior decor is my passion. Creating visually captivating spaces gives me purpose.

My mission is to make a room, a house, feel like an extension of who you are, a visual personification of your essence, of the message you want to send to your family and friends, to the world.

In addition, my favorite hobby is creating hand woven wall hangings in a variety of luscious, textured materials. I like to call it my grannyhobby… but in fact it was actually my granny’s hobby. She made beautiful tapestries, and even though our aesthetics are quite different, every time I sit down in front of a loom and weave I’m reminded of her, bringing warmth to my heart and to my work.

I’d love to create a custom weaving just for you.

Oh, and I love puppies.



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