Hello everyone!

I took a class in Landscape Design this fall at the University of Calgary. My final project was to redesign a backyard. Since I don’t have a backyard myself (sad), I decided to redesign Natalie’s. She lives in an infill with her husband and adorable 2yr old son Jude. They actually really want to work on their backyard this coming summer, so we figured what a perfect opportunity to start planning early.

Firstly, she needs a new fence between her and her neighbour to the South. It’s currently chain link and not only does it look for lack of a better adjective – ugly, it also provides zero privacy. My recommendation is to install a beautiful cedar fence like the one below (top left).

Secondly, they need a bigger deck. I’m recommending a deck flush with the ground. On the brand new spanking cedar deck I’ve envisioned this lovely outdoor sofa/lounger from West Elm, as well as some free standing pots for cacti that can easily be taken inside during the winter. The pillows I selected go with Natalie’s interior so she can also bring those in during the winter. As for the amazing butterfly chairs from Urban Outfitters, I’m completely obsessed with the pattern of the fabric. Love it! Perfect combination of modern bohemian!

Natalie Backyard 7PIN

There will be a fire pit in between the couch and 2 butterfly chairs. The hanging planters (5) will be installed on the opposite fence (white) and we will plant a variety of succulents in them since that fence gets a lot of sunshine. Natalie COMBOPIN

There will be two flower beds. One will be against the garage adjacent to a bench surrounded by two planters. That one will house a couple of varieties of peonies (Natalie’s favorite) and some Japanese grasses. The bench planters will have blue fescu planted for some repetition and texture.

Natalie Backyard 8PIN
Natalie 2 Plant ComboPIN

Second flower bed will be in the shade created from the newly enacted cedar fence and will include Silver Shimmers hostas, Limelight Hydrangea and a second variety of Japanese grasses. I just love how chartreuse the Hakonechloa Macra Japanese grass  looks set against the hydrangea. Oh and of course we’ll string some lights above the deck for ambiance, because why not!

Natalie Plant Combo 1PIN

Hope you enjoy our plan! Can’t wait to put it into action and transform Nat, Greg and Jude’s yard!




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Every year seems to flash by at lightning speed. Days fly by. Months disappear. How is it June already? Every year my birthday arrives on the same date.

Some people like to keep a low profile on their birthdays, some like to have a nice, quaint get together with close family and friends, some love to throw a party! I LOVE birthdays. My birthday, your birthday, his birthday or her birthday. To say the least my mother always made a big deal out of my birthday, multiple parties, homemade barbie cakes, bunny cakes, lots of cakes. So can you blame me? I just love them. I love celebrating our aliveness, our presence, our good fight! It’s a day to remind yourself of all your blessings, of all your achievements, of hardships you’ve overcome and of joys and adventures you’ve experienced. To say a quick thank you to the Universe for another year on this Earth and a silent wish for many more. To remind yourself that it could be so much worse. To be grateful for good health and loving family and friends.

Last year for my big 3.0. my three best friends surprised me with 30 peonies dispersed all over my condo, Tiffany’s and a beautiful flower crown. (Right! How thoughtful and amazing are my friends?!) I LOVED my flower crown. It made me feel special and very pretty! Natalie (bestie aka Heart and Sparrow Photography) took a couple of photos last year to capture all the flower crown prettiness.


Well, maybe a week before my birthday this year I kept thinking about my last birthday and how awesome it was. I kept wishing I had a flower crown this year too. So then I went and ordered one… for myself. Who says 3.1. isn’t as special as 3.0.? (I feel eternally and forever 23) I loved my flower crown this year! It was different than last years, but just as beautiful. Jaime from Fleurish Flowers Shop did a lovely job incorporating a crown of leaves with a pretty and very fragrant dark red peony. I loved it very much!

I even wore it to the bar. Now that takes courage…

I am so fortunate to have an amazingly talented photographer for a best friend. Not many people get such an awesome perk! Not many people meet their creative soul mate! She’s the Dolce to my Gabbana!

Natty and I love dreaming up styled shoots and playing model + photographer (can’t wait to show you what we have in store for July). I was her first model, and there is no one I feel more comfortable around and who is capable of capturing me exactly as I imagine myself at my prettiest. She always captures my spirit, my soul, my zeal, my verve! She’s so talented and so special. I am so lucky!

We got together, found a giant lilac bush and took some photos! Love my “old 70s couch fabric dress” by Sam & Lavi!

Flowers on Flowers on Flowers! That says it all.

Thank you Natty! Enjoy!

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I have this super awesome black wall in my living room. Now when I decided to paint it black I heard a lot of “NOOOOO!”  “That’s a horrible idea!” “Why would you paint a wall black?” “You’re crazy?!” and then I proceeded to do it anyways. That’s just how I roll most of the time.

See I had a vision. Anyway, the rest of the walls are white, so it doesn’t make the space look dark or smaller or weird. It actually makes for an amazing art gallery display.  Which it has slowly become. White frames, with predominately black and white prints and photographs that are meaningful to me. Be it that they were a gift from my best friend (“Adventure is out There”) or because I bought them while traveling (two bird prints from two separate visits to London. Who doesn’t love a pigeon that says “Haters Gonna Hate”? Everyone does, trust me.) What I love about this wall cluster, and wall clusters in general is that they can be asymmetrical. Now I love symmetry too, but in my opinion it takes more creativity to arrange a balanced asymmetrical cluster. Who doesn’t appreciate a creative challenge? I sure do!

This brings us to right here and right now. I am helping a friend with a wall cluster in his dining room and decided to mock up a few different versions to see what speaks to him visually. All of the prints are from Minted and Society6! Love searching these site for awesome art! Enjoy!



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Happy almost Friday! AKA Thursday

I’d like to start by wishing the Calgary Flames good luck this evening in what will be a series win against the Vancouver Canucks. Go Flames Go!

Now on to the reason for this blog post.

As part of my Kitchen and Bathroom Design class this past week I was tasked with designing an ensuite. The task had more to do with drafting a layout of the bathroom, than just the finishing touches. A few of the version I drew, quickly made little sense. Space utilization and specifications need to be taken into account and the practicality of the layout should always be the focus, but often scale is lost in our minds. This is why having a scaled layout is so important. To say the least my trusty eraser came out a few times and was put to good use. Eventually I settled on a layout that worked on paper and three dimension-ally in my imagination.

A bathroom that I would love LOVE love to have in my dream home. Now that the layout is decided on, it’s time to focus on my favorite part, ALL THE FINISHES!!!

These dreamy charcoal, white and black hex cement floor tiles are available from Cement Tile Shop. They were the starting point for my inspiration and I feel that they alone will make a huge visual impact when walking into the space. I am absolutely obsessed with them.

Round mirrors above the double sink vanity, matte black hardware throughout, white subway tile with black grout on the walls, a free standing tub with a little wood table to rest a candle, a book, or a glass of wine.Add a black framed shower and black grid window and voila, I’m in love!

The whole look elicits a clean, modern and light feeling with accents of black for a one of a kind bathroom. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Mood board created by Arneri DesignPIN

Mood board created by Arneri Design

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A few weeks ago, I got a text from a secret source requesting a custom weaving for his wife. You see her birthday is coming up and her husband thought she’d love one. Excitement started tingling in my little fingers, I know his wife well, and wanted to create something beautiful for her. So we discussed color scheme and general design and then I was left to my creative whims. The pressure was on. I didn’t want to disappoint him, or her.

I don’t know if I have ever second guessed myself more, questioning every single color, design, texture I chose. Did it go well together? Did the colors compliment each other? Was it what he had in mind? WOULD SHE LOVE IT?

I never want to disappoint any of my customers, but art is so subjective. One person sees something beautiful, while another just sees a blob. We perceive beauty differently, our eyes gravitate towards different images and find them pleasing. It’s a huge leap of vulnerability to present your art to the world. To put yourself out there.

I really hope that Kate loves her gift. That she knows that I made it with love and thoughtfulness. That I thought about the colors she wears in her outfits when I see her on a daily basis at work, the occasional stylish braids in her hair, and how much she loves to incorporate peachy coral in her accessories. I figured, if I can reflect her style choices in a weaving it will resonate with her. Fingers crossed!

And to Mark, thank you for trusting me with Kate’s gift. Your eye and design sensibilities are so very much admired, and knowing you thought one of my weavings was good enough for a gift means so much. After all, you are one spectacular gift giver.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! (no singing, I promise)

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYCPIN

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYC

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYCPIN

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYC

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYCPIN

Custom Weavings Calgary, Alberta YYC

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